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Augmented Reality is an environment which is created by adding digital elements to see the virtual world. In short, by using digital electronic the device we can experience a world which is not completely virtual. The best example of augmented reality is the Pokemon Go game, in which we can see Pokemons near us through the camera of our smartphone. But in reality, there is no such creatures are present, it only an environment that is created by using augmented reality.Virtual Reality is a technology that brings the user to a totally imaginary world which has no contact with the physical world. Engineering’s made virtualreality headgear which gives the feel of reality in the imaginary world. Example of virtual reality is the vice and Google cardboard. Augmented reality is a little different from the virtual reality, in augmented reality, we not completely enter the virtual world but we can see it by using digital elements. An example of it is the Snapchat camera and Pokemon go game.There is another term which is known as MR(Mixed Reality) which is a mixture of augmented reality and virtual reality or combination in which real-world and digital elements interact. This technology is just starting off and an example of it is Microsoft’s holo lens.Augmented Reality mostly depends on the display system. In this technology, computerized photos are displayed on the real objects from the user’s view by using digital elements. There is some headgear that is made to display these computerized photos. Many companies using this technology to experience the user 3d world.

Advantage:- It increases the knowledge and information of the user. It connects the user to the imaginary world.

Disadvantages:- It is very expensive so that users can use it in their daily life.

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