Back Office Work: The Foundation of Front Office Work

Back office work is nothing but the portion of the company used for administration and support personnel who are not client-facing. And so the right back-office work can offer you a lot of benefits. As you know business cannot run without a solid foundation and thus back-office work helps to build up this solid foundation. To understand it more one can look at its importance. Firstly it manages basic functions such as the HR departments, account services. Pay and bill, managing IT, data entry, and administration. Effective back-office operations help the company to achieve more terms of productivity and cost-efficiency. Clients are also taken care of. With effective back-office work all the clients can be heard and caught up.  They will keep you updated about the client’s concerns and one can prepare for it. Back office work also helps in taking care of your data and information. They offer high officials to take care of your data and also improve your business process. So the owner gets a brief idea of how to improve as well as effectively spend. Overall the operation movement depends on the back office operation, it helps to give you a strategy on different ways to optimize the resources available.Moreover. Back office work always have a flow with the front office work. For example, when you give out a product, the feedback, managing clients, the data all are managed in the back office work.So in other words back-office work is to make your front office work simpler and faster.In mickey creations, the magic mention above is put to work. All the back office work is taken care of and managed efficiently with 24*7 assistance and support. In the business process outsourcing pack, you get the back office work with just the right needs. Visit to know more.

Assistive Technology in Education

Whenever we, humans, talk about technology, one thing that symbolizes it is the comfort and eases it provides to us in our everyday life. It can range from anything as minuscule as a pen to something as humongous as an airplane. Like the technology in any field, there is “Assistive Technology” in the education sector which provides immense comfort to students with the learning process. “Assistive Technology (AT)” is defined as any item, object, or system of products that can be used to improve the learning abilities of a child. It encompasses a countless range of products such as pencils, computers, audiobooks, etc. for students. It bypasses the learning deficiency of students and strengthens them to increase their learning potential.In today’s age, the education sector is gripped with the use of AT to a great extent. Think of something and you would realize that AT has become an indispensable part of student lives. The part of learning where the impact of AT can be felt and appreciated the most is with students with learning disabilities (LD). Today, Students with LD have started to feel comfortable and “regular”, with other students in their class, all due to the assistance provided to them by AT. A child with a reading disability uses audiobooks, a kid with dyslexia uses AT that can read aloud the texts to them and a person facing computing problems uses talking calculators to gather better learning techniques. Students with LD with different tools around them are no longer the second option in today’s DNA. Also, teachers use AT in forms of online courses, e-learning and computer graphics to inculcate better learning techniques in students which makes AT a two-way relationship and deepens its need in this field.Use of AT makes a kid believe that his disability is not an albatross around his neck but more as a thing which doesn’t matter to him since it would not hamper his learning in any way whatsoever. In the USA, when the law related to it was passed in 1975, around 2 million students were excluded from schools. It has helped millions of kids to attain learning in the best possible ways. In all, whenever we use technology, its goal is to better our lives.AT in education is one such field which requires our attention more than ever.

Lie Detection Using Technology

Lie Detection is an evaluation of a verbal articulation to uncover a potential lie. It may allude to a subjective procedure of recognizing falseness by assessing message content just as non-verbal cues. It additionally may allude to addressing methods utilized alongside innovation that record physiological capacities to find out the truth and lie accordingly. There is a wide assortment of innovations accessible for this reason. Here is a list of modern Lie Detection Technology used around the Globe:-

  1. Polygraph:-  Polygraph is used to check the deception of a person. It is based on micro-expressions which are incomplete changes in the reaction such as breathing rate, skin-conductivity, and heart rate. They are controlled by the nervous system rather than your brain. While taking a polygraph test the blood pressure is measured to check blood pressure fluctuation using blood pressure devices. Breathing Rate is tracked through Pneumographs wore around the chest and to check skin conductivity electrodes are worn by the subject. While determining the truthfulness of the subject, the question which is tricky the subject show greater fear, than the relevant ones. The collective measure of relevant questions, irrelevant questions, control questions answered by the individual is then used to identify fear and deception. In the case of Deception, there will be changes in the autonomic arousal system to relevant questions. In the case of no fluctuations, results are non-conclusive. These short term stress responses indicate whether you are lying or not. They have an accuracy of 70% only.
  2. ERP:- ERP stand for Event-Related Potential. It is used to measure brain responses based on sensory or motor responses. In ERP, electrical activity is measured using electrodes placed on the scalp. P100 amplitudes are associated with the truthfulness of an individual. 
  3. EEG:- Electroencephalography or EEG the activity of the brain is identified by placing electrodes on the scalp. Pictures or objects are used while asking questions and meaningful data is collected. Several pictures from the crime scene for instance are shown to the subject. A facial expression produced due to this as used to identify the truthfulness of the subject. These expression decreases when some is lying.
  4. Eye Tracking:- Developed by John Kircher, Doug Hacker, Anne Cook, Davin Raskin, and Dan Woltz for lie detection. It measures the pupil dilation, response time, reading, and re-reading time error. Records are produced when the subject answers true and false answers on the system and then the lie is detected. 
  5. fMRI:- It uses electromagnets which generate pulse sequence in the brain cell. The scanners then detect the different pulses and waves to establish the difference between the tissue structure and identify the difference between the layers of the brain, matter type and to see growth. This allows researchers to see brain-activation and assess its efficiency by identifying the oxygen usage in different parts of the brain. It helps to identify which part is using the maximum oxygen and during which activity. This is known as Blood Oxygen Level Dependent(BOLD).   

These are some of the lie detection technology used around the globe to maintain law and order around the world. Technology keeps on changing day by day and new devices keep on rolling in the market. 

3D Searching

3D searching system uses algorithms to convert selected and drawn images into a maths model which describes the objects facilities which going to can even convert images and drawings into some form which makes the computer to work with. It is a search system used to search similar 3D models based on their size is the so-called 3Dsearch engine.
Why 3D search?If a person wants to make a city scene in a 3D virtual he needs 3d models of cars, streets, lamps and traffic signal, etc. in that situation he need not buy all this he can search. On the web for the model. There are three methodologies. They are:-1. Query formulation2. Search process3. Search results
The advantage of a 3D search is it helps very effectively in the search process of 3d objects. It also helps the various searching process as well.
Limitations:-But there is a better 2D image matching methodThere are new modeling methodsIn the future, there may be some new quarry interface, match and index algorithm, modeling tool, and apps.Recently a day ago, a company Miele launches a printer 3D4U for downloadable and 3D printable accessories.Even now Google brings an augmented reality of 3D into searching.In this lockdown period, some foreign companies make virtual 3D tours and earn a lot. In COVID-19 times volunteers across the country help staff in medical strong COVID-19 with 3D printed face shields.Even the Chandrayaan-2 uses a 3D image taker. So in daily life we use a 3D in many things and many people to try to develop 3d technologies.Ya, as all said, “3D IS THE WAY WE EXPERIENCE LIFE”. There is Various application in the use of 3D  biometrics. 3D search engines are being used in application domains, including medicine, computer-aided design, and engineering, cultural heritage, videogames and entertainment applications. Finally, it is a topic which needs a lot of research and development and interest too.we all know good things take some time right! Not so long to be soon our earth will able to surf around the 3D models and many data which makes our journey interesting

AR & Online Shopping

Augmented Reality is an environment which is created by adding digital elements to see the virtual world. In short, by using digital electronic the device we can experience a world which is not completely virtual. The best example of augmented reality is the Pokemon Go game, in which we can see Pokemons near us through the camera of our smartphone. But in reality, there is no such creatures are present, it only an environment that is created by using augmented reality.Virtual Reality is a technology that brings the user to a totally imaginary world which has no contact with the physical world. Engineering’s made virtualreality headgear which gives the feel of reality in the imaginary world. Example of virtual reality is the vice and Google cardboard. Augmented reality is a little different from the virtual reality, in augmented reality, we not completely enter the virtual world but we can see it by using digital elements. An example of it is the Snapchat camera and Pokemon go game.There is another term which is known as MR(Mixed Reality) which is a mixture of augmented reality and virtual reality or combination in which real-world and digital elements interact. This technology is just starting off and an example of it is Microsoft’s holo lens.Augmented Reality mostly depends on the display system. In this technology, computerized photos are displayed on the real objects from the user’s view by using digital elements. There is some headgear that is made to display these computerized photos. Many companies using this technology to experience the user 3d world.

Advantage:- It increases the knowledge and information of the user. It connects the user to the imaginary world.

Disadvantages:- It is very expensive so that users can use it in their daily life.

3D Password: The Virtual Security

There are several methods nowadays to have a password like textual passwords, biometric scanning, tokens, or cards. And some of these follow just algorithms and sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain these algorithms. So for making this procedure easy one can use 3D passwords.These passwords are based on human memory.  It is the combination of all these authentication techniques. So if one doesn’t work or you forget a textual or numerical password you can still log in using the other two. Plus it is a memory-based log in so the passwords are really simple and yet secure. As it includes fingerprint too it is safer than ever as fingerprints are one original or natural identification of a person.Anyhow this works in stages so first, it may take you to a page where the following stages will begin to log in. So the first stage may be fingerprint or even facial recognition or sometimes even both. The second might be textual or numerical password and the third may be showing visuals and clicking options. For e.g.: take the picture of your house and the rooms in it. In the hall, you might set it as sitting and bedroom as sleeping. So in simple words showing visuals and selecting the action you might do. Therefore one can safely say that the user will be present in the 3D virtual environment where the user navigates and interacts with various objects. The sequence of action and interaction towards the objects inside the 3D environment constructs the user’s 3D password. Therefore this is one of the best techniques to keep your information safe and secure out there. As in today’s world cracking a password has really become a child’s play and so with this one can securely log in without anyone else messing around. So for such unique services you can log onto and stay secure.

Holographic Data Storage: The explore-able data storage

Storing big data is not an easy way but is never impossible with the help of holographic data storage. It is also called as the 3D storage. This technology involves the storage of data by making holographic images of every data instantly on a bolstered medium. This depends on the idea of optical storage gadgets though it empowers the utilization of a single storage volume to store a lot of information. It records the information throughout the volume present in the medium. Moreover, it is capable of recording multiple images in the same area by using light and different angles that are available. Anyhow this holographic storage is split into two: one is write-once that is irreversible and the other is rewriteable media. Rewriteable holographic can be achieved by photorefractive impact in crystals. Now if we look at the framework then it consists of a blue-green argon laser, beam splitters, reflectors, an LCD board, lenses, lithium-niobite crystal, and a charge-coupled device camera. So now the blue-green argon laser would be discharged and then with some assistance from the beam splitter, the laser shaft would be a part into two beams. One of these beams called the signal beam. This beam would rebound off a mirror and then travel through an LCD display to the lithium niobite crystal & the other beam known as the reference beam would approach in an alternative way. But the point is that when these two beams meet the information put in is put in a hologram. Now we know how it works we can look at the uses of it. Well, it is used for data mining that is finding patterns in information. It is also used for petaflop computing that is trillion gilding operations per second. Therefore this is a very useful and effective way of storing data as well as exploring it.

Chameleon Chip: The Algorithm Converter

Imagine a chip that will allow you to convert algorithms to hardware configuration. Sounds nice right? Now you don’t need to imagine it anymore because chameleon chips do this job perfectly.These chips are nothing but a reconfigurable microprocessor with erasable hardware that can rewrite itself automatically. This makes the chips to adapt efficiently to the programming tasks needed by software. These chips contain parallel processing computational units known as functional blocks. So this means that when a particular software is loaded the present hardware design gets erased and new hardware design is created by making some connections active and some connections idle. The best part is that it takes only 20 seconds to reconfigure the entire process. Therefore this chip gives a higher performance at low cost and low power consumption. It also optimizes in such a way that it allows applications to run at its highest speed. It was originally proposed in the late 1980s by researchers at UCLA. It was a new field of study. Therefore it was really hard for them to even make the chip in those days. Even when it was made it didn’t have much efficiency to run many algorithms. So these chips have recently reached gate destinies making them suitable for high-end demand. Though even in today’s world designing such a chip crosses to may architectural boundaries, no one has ever figured out a way to meet all the criteria needed for the chip for ultimate customer service though we are closer to it. Anyhow, mickey creations are always at your doorstep to provide the service you need and so these chips are available for your service to meet your demands right away. All you need to do is log on to and ask for the needed service. With 24*7 technical support, you can get your service instantly.

Smart Fabrics: The Future Technology in our Sleeves

Imagine if your clothes acted like smartphones! Like if you could touch your sleeves tell it to open the message that you have received or turn on the GPS when needed. Sounds so cool right? Well, these smart fabrics are made with smart threads.These threads can sense the environmental conditions and react to them accordingly. This reaction or response can be thermal, electrical, chemical, mechanical, etc. the basic technical elements of this are conductive or semiconductive threads or yarns, Nanoelectronics which are applied directly to fibers, yarns or even woven elements which are given chemical treatments to provide different features. So these are completely different from wearable electronics as these fabrics have the function of wearable devices actually integrated into the fabric. These fabrics have the ability to do the processing. Analyzing and responding. Therefore these fabrics just get in touch with the environment, analyze the amount of heat or cold needed to be generated, process it using the fabrics, and then give it as a response. This means that these fabrics contain sensors, an actuator, and a controlling unit. These components may be fiber optics or any other material but they form an integrated part of the textile structure and can be incorporated to a substrate level. The smart material can be incorporated into the spinning dope for spinning. So because of these best components, they are able to take the energy from movements we make into electrical energy. It can also observe solar energy and the user can use this to charge their mobile and other devices. This innovation is therefore based on the technology called triboelectric nanogenerators. Therefore these innovations are the future of the fashion and technology world. This combination of technology and fashion is going to get many users a people who are fond of either of the categories would want to try them.

Streaming media : Friend of a Content Creator

Ever streamed a movie or video using the internet well that is exactly what is called the streaming media. In simple words, streaming media is nothing but a video or audio content sent in a compressed form over the internet and is played in there immediately rather than being saved in the hard drive.The user ultimately does not need to wait for a file to download and play because the media is sent in a continuous stream of data.  Users can pause it, rewind it, and fast-forward it just like they can do when they can download the file. This makes it possible for users to take advantage of interactive applications like video search and personalization playlists. It also allows the content deliveries to monitor the visitors and the people who are playing and watching the video. This helps them get to know if the content has reached the targeted audience.  Moreover, it provides efficient use of bandwidth because the part of the file is being transferred is the part that is being watched. Additionally, the content creator has overall control over his or her intellectual property because the video file is not stored on the viewer’s computer. Once the data is played it is discharged as a media player. Streaming media is transmitted by a server application and is received and displayed in real-time by a client application called as the media player. The media player can be either an integral part of a browser or a plugin separate program. Anyhow streaming media is extremely popular and one of the safe forms of sharing information and monitoring it. It also gives the content creator a name and fame that he or she needs. However, the quality of the streaming content still needs to be improved and will be improved in the coming ages.