Streaming media : Friend of a Content Creator

Ever streamed a movie or video using the internet well that is exactly what is called the streaming media. In simple words, streaming media is nothing but a video or audio content sent in a compressed form over the internet and is played in there immediately rather than being saved in the hard drive.The user ultimately does not need to wait for a file to download and play because the media is sent in a continuous stream of data.  Users can pause it, rewind it, and fast-forward it just like they can do when they can download the file. This makes it possible for users to take advantage of interactive applications like video search and personalization playlists. It also allows the content deliveries to monitor the visitors and the people who are playing and watching the video. This helps them get to know if the content has reached the targeted audience.  Moreover, it provides efficient use of bandwidth because the part of the file is being transferred is the part that is being watched. Additionally, the content creator has overall control over his or her intellectual property because the video file is not stored on the viewer’s computer. Once the data is played it is discharged as a media player. Streaming media is transmitted by a server application and is received and displayed in real-time by a client application called as the media player. The media player can be either an integral part of a browser or a plugin separate program. Anyhow streaming media is extremely popular and one of the safe forms of sharing information and monitoring it. It also gives the content creator a name and fame that he or she needs. However, the quality of the streaming content still needs to be improved and will be improved in the coming ages.

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